Tempting Fate by Testing Time

I think it’s been proved that in general, I make by decisions. I’m not the best at prioritizing my time, and I just want to make everyone happy. This usually results in me doing crazy stupid things, that, probably aren’t very healthy for me, but you know, you only die once right? So… I’m going to continue living until that happens. Just, cause I can… I’m going to start by saying I’ve been up for approximately twenty hours and fifteen minutes. I say approximately, because I don’t really know for sure. It’s been a busy day over here in North Dakota, and if was worth every second of being awake! However, I have a feeling that, as today (Monday) is technically my only day off, I’m going to regret the choices I make in the next seven or so hours. Those choices, mostly being not sleeping.

I’m feeling crazy at this point, between lots of coffee, some gatorade and no food since arriving at work at 2200 last night I’m looking kind of crazy too. However, as previously stated, even though I’m technically off at six, I cannot go home and sleep. I will go home, however I cannot sleep, which means I probably shouldn’t stop moving. You see I have to go talk to some guy about some thing, and then I have to drive to a personal training session. Thankfully that’s only about 30 minutes long. So, with any luck, I will be getting home around 11pm and passing out. Then, after a delightful power nap, I will back at it again, taking some photos for a friend! It’s going to be one fun day, and I really do mean that. I’m just so tired. Hopefully everything works out okay, worst fear for today, falling asleep at the wheel, that’s just not going to cut it… at all.

Some random things on my mind:

First, a rant about being a good coworker. Okay, so I realize that when you work a double shift in a row, it’s hard, you get bored, you get tired and you just don’t want to do your job anymore. I get it, feeling that is fine, however, don’t leave work for me unless you’re going to tell me about it. There’s nothing worse then walking into a surprise you weren’t expecting and having to work around it in order to get your own work done. Especially when you’re sleep deprived.

Second, my brain, legitimately feels as dysfunctional as Scott Pilgrim’s drawing of Ramona Flowers…. Not sure what I’m talking about? GO WATCH THE MOVIE (Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World) and check this picture out…

Scott’s amazing drawing of Ramona Flowers

Those are the kind of lines I think my thoughts are dancing in right about now. It’s a little bit fun, a little bit disconcerting, and a lot a bit muddled. So, sorry not sorry if this post is even more random then normal.

Third, I need to stop eating thank you mints. You know those little dinner mints you get at hotels, or weddings, or you know, fancy places?? Yea, I’ve had at least five in the past few hours, and I don’t think they’re making me sick, they’re just not really making it any better…

Fourth, I really, really wish I could figure it out and stop using the double ended sharpie. You know what I’m talking about?? These cruel mother-truckers

yea, well I keep using this torture device at work and I swear, every time I take the big cap off and stick it on the other end I want to throw it away. Because I can’t get that big cap off without the little cap coming off in it, and by the time I do, I look like I’m going through a change of race because my skin is suddenly black! I kid you not, and sharpies are NOT fun to get rid of. Luckily tonight, I outsmarted it, however, I’m sure there will soon be another day where I put my sharpie pain on in frustration. ugh.

To be honest, I’m really debating how far I want to tempt fate, or test my luck. Because I’m thinking about slamming some preworkout when I get home and going to the gym to kill a few hours of being alive. I’m thinking that’s probably not such a good idea, because a crash from that will be 100x worse, and I’m not really sure I want to kill somebody by falling asleep at the wheel, or kill myself by making it home but not inside… so I’ll probably nix that idea, but I really could probably kill leg day today. It seems like as good a day as any to do legs, am I right? Eh, probably not… oh well, I tried.


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