Meh Kitteh

So, in case you’re wondering what it’s like to be me (a dog person) who has ‘adopted’ a cat that was not raised as a house cat….

First let me start by saying I am not a cat person, in general. Mostly because I’ve never been around them. I’ve always just had dogs and my dad doesn’t like cats, so… I mean, I think they’re adorable and I love little kittens and fuzzy snuggles, but to be honest, I just never really saw any use for them. I did rescue a kitten when I was a wee little thing, however, no one else in my family appreciated my little Poof so they gave her away and she got eaten. By a coyote. So, there’s that. I never had a cat after Poof. That is, until I started renting this old farm house and I fell in love with this old, cranky farm cat, who I’ve maybe ruined by keeping him inside 😉

All that to say, there are some things you should probably know about Sir Tommy. I don’t really think he was given the name Sir Tommy, it just seemed appropriate due to the way he controls the house. I’m honestly just living there to serve him, or at least he seems to think so. Here’s my list, and some of these have pretty hard evidence to suggest I am not A. Crazy or B. making any of this up…

1. Tommy is a hardcore celebrity. I have never gotten so many likes or so many comments on my regular posts, be it Facebook or Instagram. The people love my cat. And really, they should love him, he’s adorable, and friendly. But seriously, he’s pretty much famous.

2. He’s massive. I’m talking like maybe 15-20lbs of fur and purrsssssss. I know some people disagree with me on his weight, they keep telling me he’s probably closer to 30lbs, which, may be true, but I didn’t want to make him self-conscious about his weight, and to be fat shaming a cat on the internet? It just wouldn’t be right… so, I’ll just leave this picture here for you to judge yourself 😛 ps, he does really love tummy rubs…. for about 12 seconds exactly. Should you still be rubbing his belly after that, your hands are fair game for teeth and claws….

3. He’s sexy AF. Just… look at this picture. I mean, if that doesn’t look like a Ryan Gosling “Hey Girl” post, I honestly don’t even know what’s wrong with you…

4. He follows me around and sits in weird places and does weird things. Like this… obviously, I’m not still using the toilet, but when I was he was sitting this close, and it’s a little odd he’s licking his lips like that… lord have mercy. 

5. Sometimes. He likes to watch me when I use the restroom… like the above number, only, sometimes he just sits in the bathtub and gives off these super judgmental looks. Like, I’m sorry I don’t want to pet you when I pee, but seriously dude. Space.

6. He hates my photo ops. Every time, he just gives me these looks like, “Really woman? Was that necessary?” To which, I respond, it’s always necessary.

7. He snuggles in weird positions… I’ll let this picture proof of my squishy little fur ball do all the talking. 

8. He really hates when I’m using my phone and not paying attention to him. This usually results in him trying to swipe my fingers while I type, or you know, he tries to throw the phone across the room. During these times it only seems appropriate to take a picture… 

Any ways. That’s my cat. And I love him, he’s adorable, and I’d be super lonely without him. On a completely unrelated topic, I saw this sign at Starbucks today, and I FREAKED OUT! Big Hero 6 is one of my favorite movies and ugh, Baymax.. Can I has one? Please? Here I go, being an adult again with my fully functioning vocabulary and love of all things adult *cough*. Hopefully, you guys have a goodnight, I’m assuming most of the world is already sleeping anyways, so just, I don’t know sleep tight okay? Cool.


2 thoughts on “Meh Kitteh

  1. Sir Tommy’s belly shot makes him the perfect candidate for Tummy Rub Tuesday on Katzenworld’s blog! Be warned, however, that inclusion may over-inflate his ego 🙂


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