It’s been a while, I suppose. And I’m here with nothing too terribly exciting to state. I probably just catch all you imaginary people up on the happenings of my life… And since I’m better at using pictures I’ll tell you what I’ve been doing, in a backwards formation….

  I’ve been yo-yoing back and forth between night shift and day shift, so I haven’t got much sleep in the past few months, however, I’ve gotten a lot of Tommy snuggles and I’m down for that!  I got my old job back as a 911 dispatcher and I was also sent through C/O school so I am now a certified correctional officer, which is pretty damn cool if you ask me.

   Aside from hardly doing anything but working, I’ve been trying to restructure a budget so that I can afford the things I want… like, well, more tattoos. Also, gym equipment, I’ve been slacking and honestly haven’t gone more then once or twice here and there, for over three months – it’s depressing. But, I will say, it’s hard to have a routine when your schedule is constantly changing and you’re not eating how you should, or getting the right amount of sleep… so, that sucks.
 Seriously though, this cat KILLS me! Know what else kills me? Stupid people, and there are so many here to deal with through the Sheriff’s Office. For instance, if you say you’re ready to copy down a number, don’t tell me to wait when I start telling you the number. Legitimately, it’s four am, I do not want to deal with your kind of stupid right now!

I’m trying to convince my landlords, aka the man-unit’s parents, that I need a dog out on the farm. Other cats are too afraid of Tommy to play nice, so I think he needs a friend… kind of like the one above. Don’t you think so??? He’s so sweet, and beautiful! Just look at those gorgeous green eyes! AH!
 ^^^ this doesn’t really have to do with anything other then it’s A. How to Train Your Dragon and B. TOTORO! all in one… this is perfection!

  In case you’ve been wondering what my boyfriend (i.e. man unit) looks like, this is him… pretty much all the time 😛
 I’ve also discovered, something fairly fabulous about my rustic old farm house. I’m almost certain it is haunted, or at the very least, we’re all going crazy. Either one is a likely scenario. I cleaned out one of the guest rooms, moving everything but furniture upstairs to the attic so I can work on turning this room into my TV room. A couple nights after that I swore I heard someone talking either in my house or outside the window. I was in the process of sleeping very soundly, so I didn’t get up to check it out, I figured if they were dumb enough to walk into my room, they were asking for a bullet, so I just went back to sleep. Plus, I thought it was just the boyfriend’s mom because I could swear I heard someone say, “I wish we would have done something different with my house.”

A couple nights later, the BF stayed the night and when we woke up, he asked if I heard anything weird that night. I said no, and he proceeded to tell me he thought he’d heard a radio, or TV turned down very low. This was all very suspicious, but I suspected a radio plugged in the house somewhere that was maybe picking up a random signal or something (I’ve yet to find one though…). Then, to top it off, my baby sister spend the night and when we woke up the next morning I told her about how we thought we had heard people talking and she told me she had heard someone talking in the house that night too…. I’m a little freaked out, to say the least.

Then, the Landlady told us her step fathers mother had lived there, and after one of her children had passed away from a horrible fever, she turned into a recluse and wouldn’t leave this particular room unless no one was around to see her… very suspicious I would say. I think it’ll make a great TV room though, I just won’t be watching any scary movies in there! ‘Merica!!

  The Man Boy and myself took a mini-Staycation over the fourth of July weekend. We magically got three days off at the same time, so we took a little trip to visit his brother’s family. We went to the rodeo, we made s’mores, and to top it off, we went to the river where he and one of his niece’s made a raft! It actually floated, and it was pretty cool, however the water was just too cold for anyone to sit on it, so we let it float out to the lake.

Sometimes, if I’m not working or sleeping, I watch netflix on my computer, at the kitchen table, because, let’s face it. I’m paralyzingly terrified of ticks, and Tommy seems to attract them and leave them on my couches, so I’ve been avoiding the couches and giving myself terrible back problems all because I’m a pretend adult. Anyways, Tommy likes to watch TV with me, wherever I am. He tried the whole, lay on the keyboard thing (which is always a cute picture to post online), but he was far to big for my little Mac so he just slept next to it while I watched some Heartland.

  Curiosity got the better of my one day, so I pulled up the carpet (yes carpet), in the entryway, and found some gorgeous wood flooring! I’ve yet to determine what kind of wood it is, but once I’ve done that, I’m going to figure out how to treat it and get rid of my horrible carpet so I can have beautiful wood flooring!

Here you can see the carpet I pulled up. Tommy seemed to think it was a neat house to play in. At one point, he came after me, and when I chased him to play back with him, he ran at the little hole but he couldn’t fit himself in. So he twisted onto his back and used his claws to pull himself through, he’s such a weirdo, I love it!

  I should find an object as a ‘standard unit of measurement’ so that you guys can actually tell how large this cat is. I mean, if this picture isn’t just astounding to you, there might be something wrong with you. He’s one of the largest cats I’ve ever seen! Luckily for me, he’s a giant teddy bear… well, usually. Sometimes he gets a little fiesty, those are the times I run and hide in my room, it seems to work pretty well.
 He always sleeps in the oddest places too. When I’m in the shower he usually ends up in one of three places waiting for me to finish:

1. right outside the bathroom door on the floor. This is where he waits in anticipation for something to drag along the bottom of the door, he likes to play catch through a locked door.

2. The bathroom sink. He likes to sit there and look all sexy like, I’m sure you saw the other post where he modeled right?

3. The dryer. It doesn’t matter what else is sitting on the dryer, he will find room, and he will sleep there. It doesn’t even have to be on, he just likes to sit there and keep an eye on the door. However, when he’s sleeping like the above image, I can usually sneak away to my room before he notices I’m out due to the lack of hearing….


  So, in case you’re wondering… I am definitely not an artist… I’m much better at playing music, writing music, writing words, blogs… you name it, drawing is not my think… However, with a little instruction from a friend who’s AMAZING at art, and some Prisma colored pencils, I don’t think toothless looks half bad! ps, just for the record, I almost bought an all black cat with green eyes and called her Toothless, but, it wouldn’t be the same as having a dragon.
 After just a few months back at the Sheriff’s Office, I started to remember some of the reasons it was so easy to leave last time. I hate the way I’m treated, the shifts rotate every single week, and I realy should not work in an environment of all women. It’s not healthy for me or my murderous intentions…. I’ve managed to reign those in for the time being though. Not to mention, the horribly ugly maroon polos. I am not a fan. But, at least I’m doing some good in the world.

  I got to paint my kitchen! First of all, isn’t this the cutest kitchen ever? I love how open it is, and how country it looks. Plus with a fresh coat of super pretty green paint, I think it looks stellar! Now I just need to get some Bright White for the trim and take the tape off the ceiling… #goals
 We’ve planted a gazillion trees this year. It’s been quite ridiculous, but it is pretty fun. We just kind of trail each other around, planting trees here and there. In this picture we have; Landlord Mr. in the Skid Steer, Landlord Mrs. in the Pay Loader, and Me? I’m in trusty old Remington with a bucket full of little baby trees… I’m glad we got them all planted, that was getting to be quite the task.

  One day, a while ago, I walked down to get the laundry from the washer, and I had loaded it up in my lamper and I carried it up the stairs, watching my feet as I went up the stairs because they’re kind of scary steps so I wasn’t really looking forward as much as I was down. By the time I made it to the top, Thomas was sitting on the step looking down at me with this exact sassy face, I legitimately thought he was doing to push me down the stairs or something, so much evil in those little eyes of his!
 Uffda. This is a painful recollection. Man Boy and I drove down to Colorado for a Marine friend’s wedding. It was an incredibly busy, stressful, amazing time! I just for got two little things, higher elevation, no sun block. My legs got fried. This was several months ago and guess what, my legs still don’t look right! :/ ouchie!

  Always, this post was more about my cat then me, which I’m pretty much okay with, so I’ll just leave it on this note. Thomas likes to sleep in weird places… illustrated in the picture above and the two below, he is a very strange cat. However, he sleeps when I’m gone, and when I’m just putzing around the house so he has energy at really inconvenient times. Like the other day I got off my first midnight shift after a week of days and he decided that when I went to sleep was a really good time to throw himself against my door and meow, louder and louder until eventually, he got tired and went to take a nap… tell me how that’s fair. Not everyone gets to sleep 23 out of the 24 hours in a day Tommy!
 And so, that’s about it… for now at least. I’ll get back to you sometime about something else I’m sure. Until then… keep it classy.


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