The List

If I’m going to be honest, I’ll be honest enough to say I hate lists. I honestly hate nothing more than lists. If I get behind or I’m not able to check things off when I want to, I get really depressed, I get angry and I throw the whole list away. I’m a very pessimistic optimist, I don’t set high standards because I don’t want to disappoint myself. That’s another reason I don’t make resolutions, inevitably, I’m going to fail and the person I’ll be disappointing is me. I’m a firm believer is small attainable goals, you may not see a whole lot of progress right off the bat, but as you continue to smash the goals you set before yourself, you’re able to build confidence and begin setting bigger goals. Unfortunately, being a firm believer in something doesn’t always mean you do it, because I’m also a dreamer, and I tend to start a lot of project… and… not finish them. If it takes to long, I just run out of steam and move on to the next new exciting thing. I’ve gotten much better at this, but still, I have a hard time only focusing on one thing, and that’s when projects get left behind and I end up kicking myself for not doing them. Uffda

I guess along those lines, I was going to update on the last post I did. So far, in house projects I’ve almost completed painting our spare room! This is huge considering I painted most of it myself. I have one more coat to go on a wall, and several more coats to cover the baseboards and built in, but I’m really happy with how the colors ended up looking! Next stop, flooring! But I might leave that to Ryan and his brother.

I’ve also set a goal for myself to work out 4x this week. I worked out Friday last week, and today Ryan and I killed  back/shoulder day. It feels really good to be shredding muscles again, but I forgot how hungry being in the gym makes you! Some people think that in order to lose weight or get in shape, you have to work out and not eat. It’s quite the opposite really. If you’re working out, you’re burning calories, and there has to be a balance of refueling your body, otherwise it’s going to be storing what you do eat for later, aka, fat. Which means you’re completely off base. I operate under these guidelines, when I feel hungry I drink water, if I’m still hungry I eat, whether it’s the first of the sixth time in a day, I eat. But I make sure I’m eating something that is going to be helping me and not hindering me. I don’t want to be putting garbage in my body when I’m working so hard to get back in shape, but I do want to make sure it’s getting enough nutrition wise to keep up with everything I’m burning and all the muscles I’m tearing up to rebuild! There has to be balance.

Norwegian is going well. So far I’ve missed one day in almost 18 days since I started. I’m still doing pretty good with basic phrases, and my plan is to start adding in phrases I know to everyday life, as well as to these blog posts to help my brain actively engage in learning this new language.

I’m also going to be spending a lot of time organizing my house… It’s a complete disaster and I know it’s bugging Ryan so if I can find a way to organize it all, that’d be fantastic! lol Aside from all that… here’s some life update pictures 😛


Middle of last year we adopted these two. They were tiny and sick from being abandoned. We brought them back to being healthy kitties, and they’ve been a pain in the ass ever since! 😉 But we do love them!
Here is the spare room we’re working on. This is the bare bones before photo, isn’t it awful?
More of the kitties. They like to fight and scrap, but occasionally we will catch them snuggling each other and being good sisters 🙂
Photography has been here and there, I’ve taking several baby photos this past season as my best friend and sister just had babies, so that’s been incredibly fun! 🙂 My little sister is an incredible assistant and help, and she’s also a gorgeous model! She helped me do a winter portrait for my photography business.
I downloaded some Norwegian music to help immerse myself in the language and hopefully help me learn it. I asked Siri to play Alle Snakker Sant by Siri Nilsen, and this was her response, pretty much priceless…



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