R&B Take Columbia Falls

I meant to do a post on this a while ago, but I got a little distracted and depressed so I forgot all about it. Buuut, I’m planning an overnight trip to Winnipeg and think it’d be super fun to keep doing these… So, I’ll start here!

The last week of April Ryan and I drove through the night to Columbia Falls, Montana in order to be at my great grandma’s funeral. She was such a wonderful, spunky lady that enjoyed many, many years on earth. Toward the end she had started to suffer, and I am glad her suffering wasn’t drug longer. She is in  a better place now, and we will all miss her!

We made it to the mountains in the early morning, and it was absolutely stunning! After working all day and driving all night, I drove Ryan a little crazy by asking him to stop time and time again so I could get the perfect picture. He was, understandably, ready to get to the condo and get some sleep, but we did make a pit stop in Glacier at Lake Mcdonald. Here is what it looked like in the early morning!


It was hard to sleep in the super bright condo room, so we only napped for a few hours. Then we headed off to Kalispell to enjoy some Chick-Fil-A (an obsession of my families that neither Ryan or my brother in law understand). On our way to Kalispell Ryan spotted the Proof Research sign and we just had to go back to get a picture of the sign for his friend. I wasn’t really sure how gun manufacturing plants work, but I pushed Ryan out of his comfort zone to see if they did tours of the facilities. He was super embarrassed to go up to the door and push the button… I was already headed back to the car when I saw it was locked and he almost headed back to the car when the receptionist said they didn’t do tours, but before either of us made it very far, she said she could buzz us in for a tour of the show room. It was awesome, and super worth it!

After chatting with a super nice employee at proof, we headed for the Montana Vortex and Mystery House. Ryan was super excited for me to see this crazy attraction and we made it just in time for the last tour. It’s incredible the things that you can find in nature, and this is no exception. Say what you will about optical illusions, that place is legit. It was actually pretty cool! After that we of course had to stop at the health food store to find some goodies! 🙂

Kenzi made us dinner that night at the condo and it was a fun night just hanging out with the family. Ryan and I slept on our first pull out couch together… it was awful! The next morning we attending Grandma Moen’s funeral. Mom, Dad, and I sang an a capella version of one of her favorite hymns. After eating lunch with my grandma and aunt, we went back to the condo and packed up to head back home. I had to work Sunday night/Monday morning and Ryan needed to get home to sleep in our own bed. Before leaving town though we had one more coffee shop to try (per a friends recommendation) and Ryan really wanted to see the Hungry Horse Dam, another spot he remembered visiting as a kid. So we grabbed a white chocolate- huckleberry (apparently the Glacier Park area of Montana is like the capital for Huckleberries, so I had to try something with it!) latte and headed out for the road home with a detour at the dam. We also stopped at a little stream coming off the mountain to fill up a gallon jug of water. After reading the, “not declared as safe drinking water” sign, neither of us were brave enough to try it, but the cats seemed to like it… 😛


All in all, it was a really good short visit. I so enjoy getting away from out little towns and exploring. Being in nature, especially the mountains, is sooo, sooo good for my soul!! Can’t wait for our next adventure though!!! 😀


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