Mysteries Revealed

So, like most people, I have a gazillion email addresses, I feel like a collector. They range every where from embarrassing usernames from the junior high to just my name for the more modern world… But, like emails it would appear I’m also collecting blogs, on several different sites, and as most people seem to use wordpress, I’ve decided to give it ago. Here’s a description of me from another blog humbly titled, “A Gorgeous Mess of Chaos,” (this one’s a little more on the personal side, and can be found on, should you be interested in double dipping, anyways, the description >>)

I’ve managed to make a pretty decent mess of myself, I’m a little quirky, you probably have a right to think me very odd, and possibly a little broken. But every bump, every tragedy has brought me here, and I am who I am in spite of and because of the messes I’ve made.

So, that’s about that. Suppose you could just learn more about me by reading my posts… eh?


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